If the World Had No Alphabet

Individuals have in all probability lived on the earth about 2 million years. However the story of world historical past started solely about 5,500 years in the past with the invention of alphabet. Since then, human’s historical past’s guide flip to a brand new web page.

The historical past of the alphabet began in historical Egypt about 3,500 B.C. Most alphabet letters started as a simplified model of historical drawings of animals, objects, or indicators. However signal and movie writing was too gradual for the enterprise world so folks developed an alphabet wherein solely symbols have been used. Every image represented one sound, and several other have been mixed to make the sounds of 1 phrase. The alphabet was perfected by the Romans in about 114 A.D with 26 letters which now are known as the Roman alphabet or the Latin alphabet.

These days, alphabet is used all around the world. There are greater than ¾ of the world’s languages use alphabet, and about 60% of the world’s inhabitants speaks languages which have a written alphabet. It is essential to write down and browse to ensure that the human society to speak and find out about historical past. Till the invention of writing, the one manner people needed to talk was nose to nose. This prevented data from with the ability to be shared with any kind of extensive unfold. Primarily based on alphabet, folks developed the writing system which might assist to protect human data in a factor known as “guide”. Because of guide, folks might learn and know extra concerning the world and form up the training system like at this time. Subsequently, guide is likely one of the best price treasure on this planet. Alphabet additionally performs an essential half to merchants and retailers in conserving data of their enterprise.

Have you ever ever imagined what the world at this time could be if historical folks hadn’t invented the alphabet? I do not dare to consider it but it surely should be such the worst of the worst. With out the alphabet, mankind would by no means have superior to the degrees we now have at this time. If alphabet hadn’t been invented, guide would by no means have appeared and consequently folks could be uneducated and life could be boring. You would not know something about historical past, the human data would not have been preserved and also you additionally would not have the ability to learn my essay. We might be slim minded and shallow. Our creativeness could be restricted. There could be no paper, no printing press, no tv, no Galileo Galilei, no William Shakespeare, no Charles Darwin, no Albert Einstein,… As a substitute of that, tolerance could be low and the world would have been destroyed by warfare and merciless. For my part, it might be fairly a depressing world the place nobody can learn, write, or assume freely. To be trustworthy, if alphabet hadn’t existed, there could be a brand new manner of speaking concepts.

We now are utilizing alphabet in on a regular basis studying and writing. I can not think about if the alphabet started to vanish someday. It might be an terrible mess and every little thing would dissolve to nothingness. So don’t let something occur to the alphabet!


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