Why Would A Man Defend The Different Girl Or Mistress To His Spouse?

I typically hear from wives who’re seething as a result of as they’re attempting to reconnect with their husband and save their marriage after his affair, however their husband is defending the opposite girl. The spouse typically doesn’t perceive how her husband may very well be so silly as to have a look at his spouse and defend the lady who’s the supply of all of their issues.

I heard from a spouse who stated: “To be fairly trustworthy about it, I hate the opposite girl. I imply, I detest her. I feel she’s a low high quality tramp who got down to take what was mine. I feel she is a liar and a cheat. She is aware of my household. I would not name us mates anymore. However I do know her kids and her husband. I understand how she went behind each one’s again and pursued my husband. I understand how she lied proper to my face. I understand how she took benefit of the truth that I used to be going by way of medical points that careworn my marriage whereas she pounced just like the predator that she is. However once I inform my husband this, he’ll say that I’m making assumptions and that I do not actually know that a lot about her. He’ll guarantee me that she’s not an evil particular person and that she does have some redeeming qualities. This infuriates me! Why does he defend her habits?” I’ve some theories on this which I’ll focus on beneath.

Some Causes That Husbands Defend The Different Girl: I completely perceive why this makes you so offended. It is simple to hate the opposite girl. It is regular to make her out to be the villain. And I do not suppose that anybody can deny {that a} girl who preys on one other girl’s husband (when she is aware of he’s married and is married herself) is missing in integrity and ethical character. However what? If you give your husband a laundry checklist of the issues which are deplorable about her, he typically is aware of that these attributes apply to him too.

When you say that the opposite girl was a sneaky, evil one who snuck round who took benefit of the spouse’s sickness, effectively, all of those attributes apply to the husband as effectively. He additionally snuck round and used the spouse’s medical therapies to satisfy with the opposite girl. So it may be painful for him to listen to you tearing into her, when he is aware of that he’s simply as responsible.

Additionally, it is quite common for males to really feel a bit of defensive about something to do with the affair (together with the opposite girl.) It is because he feels the necessity to justify his actions. If we outline the opposite girl as a nasty, conniving, hideous creature that does not deserve the time of day, then what does this say about your husband and his judgment? What does this say about his resolution making course of and impulse management? He does not need to admit these unfavourable issues about himself. And admitting the unfavourable issues about her means he has no option to acknowledge the unfavourable issues about himself.

Many wives fear that the husband’s protection of the opposite girl can imply that he’s nonetheless invested and nonetheless has emotions for her. Typically, that is doable and that you must be on the look out for it. Many husbands inform me that they discover it tough to only flip off their emotions for the opposite girl as soon as the affair has discovered. It is as if they’re instantly imagined to hate this particular person with whom they’ve spent plenty of time and for whom they risked fairly a bit. In the event that they acknowledge how silly they have been to take these dangers for somebody who had no redeeming qualities in any way, then they actually do seem like a idiot. And even people with a responsible conscience and who’re totally conscious that they’re flawed don’t need to seem like a idiot.

So perceive that typically his defending the opposite girl is a method of self preservation and their effort to keep up at the very least a few of their self-worth. It does not at all times imply that they nonetheless have emotions for her and do not need to save their marriage. It might probably imply that they hear your criticism of her as criticism of them and of the affair and this may be painful. In order that they need to keep away from it. And a part of that’s attempting to close you down if you discuss her.

How To Deal with It When Your Husband Retains Defending The Different Girl: Hopefully you now you may perceive why he’s being defensive. Now, let’s discuss methods to deal with it. The subsequent time these kind of conversations come up, you may say one thing like: “we’re simply going to should conform to disagree with regards to her. I’ll by no means take a look at her favorably, however that does not matter all that a lot as a result of going ahead, it’s about me and also you. It is not about her. Actually, I would prefer to cease putting my deal with her and putting my deal with us.”

That is one of the best ways to go as a result of fairly frankly, it does not matter what kind of particular person she is by way of your marriage. What issues is that you just heal, you progress ahead, and you’re at some point glad and fulfilled once more.


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