How Lengthy Ought to an Audio Interview Be?

How lengthy ought to an audio interview be? One finest approach to arrange your interviews is to separate it into elements. I feel it’s a good suggestion for a few causes. As an example you wish to enhance the worth of a product. So as an instance a teleseminar goes three hours and you recognize if I had it as only one file. If I wished to promote it later and I say, “Okay, if anybody is excited about shopping for this teleseminar it is only one audio file or on one DVD, right here it’s.” I may enhance the worth and break down the three hour recording into perhaps six 30 minute periods so once you go to a Web page you see Half 1, Half 2, Half 3, Half 4, Half 5, Half 6. It is simpler to obtain and I feel it provides it an elevated worth by having it in elements.

For probably the most half if my interviews are over 60 minutes I will do a Half 2. So if I’ve an interview that goes like with John Carlton, I feel we went an hour and a half and I broke that up into two elements. In the event that they actually go lengthy, then I’ll make it and I strive to not make it any greater than an hour, on the most, not more than 70 minutes.

Another excuse is I am fairly certain should you convert a digital MP3 file into an audio CD Rom I feel the capability on these CDs is 70 or 80 minutes. I feel its 70 minutes, so should you go over 70 minutes you will must get one other CD and should you’re promoting a bodily product that’s going to value you extra money on the duplicating and printing.

Paul Hartoonian, he goes with publicity stuff, and he is been on loads of radio interviews, like 2,000 or 3,000 radio interviews. He was saying how he tries to maintain his interviews to an hour or much less and if it will go over an hour he says why do not we schedule one other interview as a result of individuals’s consideration begins to drop off at about an hour.

If I am doing an interview and I’ve secured it and it is a fairly large title, I will normally inform them to have 90 minutes out there. If it is actually going good and I am not fairly completed, I’ll strive my finest to maintain going. I will say, “Look, I am not fairly completed, do you wish to preserve going or do you wish to reschedule?” I will give them the selection however generally you solely have that one time to get that interview.

I’ve had individuals say we are able to preserve going and I can get the entire interview and I’ve had individuals ask to reschedule. Anybody who stated they might reschedule with me has honored that and rescheduled. So both manner will work.


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