Info Communication Know-how (ICT) – Definition, Benefits And Disadvantages

This text will familiarize you with the definition, benefits and drawbacks of Info Communication Know-how (ICT). It can be crucial so that you can learn fastidiously to know the fundamentals of Info Communication Know-how (ICT).

The definition

Info Communication Know-how (ICT), or Info Know-how (IT) as abbreviated, stands for the usage of computer systems and telecommunications expertise and units to provide, manipulate, retailer, transmit and securely retrieve info.

ICT Instruments

These are the instruments or devices which can be used to find, discover and change info. They embody the next units:-

• Computer systems – Desktops, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs, Mainframes
• Telephones
• Cell Telephones (GSM)
• Fax machines
• Tv units
• Satellites
• Web

Benefits of ICT

Following are the benefits of Info Communication Know-how (ICT):
1. It supplies well timed, higher and cheaper entry to information and knowledge.
2. It accelerates enterprise transactions, productions and administration processes.
3. ICT has made potential for folks worldwide, to entry web, in a brand new and thrilling means.
4. With ICT instruments, enterprise dealings and transactions have moved nearer.
5. It supplies a really dependable, versatile, quick and correct technique of disseminating info in fashionable instances.
6. It supplies employment alternatives and opens new profession fields for folks around the globe.
7. Additionally it is top-of-the-line mediums for giving out directions in faculties.

Disadvantages of ICT

Regardless of its quite a few advantages, ICT has few limitations, a few of which embody:-

1. Job loss: ICT software in places of work could reduce down few jobs as guide jobs and duties are being automated.
2. Expensive: ICT parts and instruments may be costly and unaffordable to basic public.
3. Lack of Social Bond: Implementation of ICT in each sphere of life is limiting private human relationships and bodily contacts as extra work and interactions are based mostly on-line.
4. Crime: ICT could result in enhance in crime rankings. Persons are being defrauded on-line. Cyber crimes like identity-theft, bank card scams, methods hacking, and piracy are on the rise. Web is flooded with cyber criminals like hackers, perverts, and stalkers.
5. Abuse: That is one other drawback of ICT. Some examples embody pornography (particularly baby pornography), plagiarism, cyber battle, e-mail spams, and many others.
6. Dependancy: Using ICT is addictive. Obsessive customers may be discovered spending hours on-line. This behaviour could result in stress and different well being associated problems.

Many dad and mom additionally imagine that the most typical antagonistic results of ICT could embody contact of their baby with aggressive or inappropriate contents, endangering their bodily well being (visible impairment, rigidity, spinal accidents) on account of extended seating in entrance of the pc, weight problems, and lack of contact with the true world resulting in dependancy. In addition to, additionally they emphasize all optimistic results are the acquisitions of latest information and abilities that the kid can profit from IT for future employment. Guardian’s who really feel that the usage of ICT is extra dangerous than helpful to their baby; argue by claiming their views {that a} four-year-old baby is just too younger to be uncovered to ICT.


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