Leg Yield, Half Go and Facet Go – What Is the Distinction Between These 3 Actions?

I discover it is all the time a very good check of somebody’s true dressage data to listen to what they are saying when their horse does a leg yield. If I hear them saying my horse simply did a half go or facet go, then that is a fairly good indication to me, that irrespective of how a lot of an knowledgeable they suppose they’re, that they do not actually have an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of dressage.

Nevertheless, it is not unusual for the leg yield, half go and facet go actions to be confused with one another and it is nothing to be embarrassed about…I did not know the distinction both once I first began! Sure, all of them have one function the identical, the horse strikes sideways off the rider’s leg assist, however that is about the place the similarities finish.

So what is the distinction between the three?

Leg Yield

The leg yield is when the horse strikes forwards and sideways on the similar time, whereas holding their physique as straight as potential with a small quantity of flexion away from the route their travelling in. Which means that in case your horse is travelling to the left, they are going to have a small quantity of flexion to the correct and vice versa.

It is the premise for all different extra superior lateral actions.

Half Go

The technical definition of a half go is when the horse strikes diagonally forwards with a small quantity of flexion in direction of the route they’re travelling. The forehand will be very barely forward of the hindquarters.

Nevertheless I really feel the simplest manner for most individuals to recollect it’s that the horse is just flexed in the wrong way to what they might be within the leg yield. Within the leg yield they’re flexed away from the route they’re travelling, the place within the half go they’re flexed in direction of the route they’re travelling.

The half go is a fairly superior dressage motion that ought to solely be tried on a horse that has excellent assortment and properly established, primary lateral actions (leg yield, shoulder-in, travers).

Facet Go

Strictly talking the facet go will not be truly a dressage motion, although it may be helpful to include in coaching. A facet go will be carried out on the bottom or below saddle and easily includes the horse transferring sideways with no actual flexion and no ahead motion in any respect.

Not like the leg yield (which has just lately been included in some dressage exams) & half go, the facet go will not be utilized in any official dressage competitions.


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