How you can Time Your Bounce When Attempting to Block in Volleyball

Blocking in volleyball is directly the only ability to execute and the toughest one to do nicely. Timing the block appropriately is a part of that. This text will have a look at that timing side. This text will present some recommendation on methods to enhance your timing to make you a simpler blocker.

Timing off the hitter’s bounce

The one greatest figuring out think about timing a volleyball block is matching your bounce with the bounce of the hitter. This doesn’t suggest you should bounce at the very same time because the hitter, however you will not be too far off from that. Protecting this in thoughts could assist with one other side of blocking which is ensuring that your final little bit of focus is correctly on the hitter, not on the ball (topic for a separate article). It’ll additionally hold you from leaping when the hitter would not truly bounce (dangerous set, and so forth.).

Distance off the web

Whereas the most important timing issue is the hitter’s bounce, you should alter your block bounce based mostly on how far off the web the hitter will probably be attacking the ball. The additional again, the extra you need to wait to account for the longer time it can take for the ball to achieve you. A again row assault, for instance, requires a little bit of a delay in your bounce in comparison with a ball set tight to the web.

Velocity of the hitter’s arm swing

The ultimate little adjustment to timing comes by accounting for the way onerous the hitter assaults the ball. This is rather like adjusting for the hitter’s distance off the web. An attacker with a quick arm swing will get the ball to you faster than a participant with a gradual one. Consequently, you must delay a bit for the latter and bounce a bit earlier for the previous. When you can catch the hitter organising an off-speed shot, that would additionally issue into your block timing (or your determination to go up in any respect).

Commit vs. Learn

The bounce, distance, and arm swing timing elements are going to be the identical whether or not you might be commit blocking (going up with a hitter with out ready to see if they’re getting set) or studying blocking (ready for the set). If you’re commit blocking you continue to should time your block based mostly on the hitter’s bounce, how close to the web they’re, and the pace of their swing.

Timing is not the one think about good blocking, as getting up proper on time will not do you a lot good for those who’re within the mistaken spot. When you can combineproper timing along with correct positioning and blocking mechanics, although, you may put up a really good block.


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