How To Give Orders And Directions In French

In English, once we give directions, recommendation or orders, we are saying issues like: Add water; Come right here; Stick with it, Do not cease; Let’s preserve going; Look each methods earlier than crossing; Flip to web page 15, Be a part of now, and so forth. That is what linguists name the crucial temper. Utilizing the crucial temper in English may be very simple. You merely put the verb on the head of the phrase. If mandatory, you place Don’t, Do not, Allow us to or Let’s in entrance of the verb.

In French, sadly, it is much more difficult. The commonest means of expressing the crucial temper in French is with a particular type of the verb. Let’s first have a look at how this verb type is constructed. First you’re taking the current conjugation with TU (singular casual you), NOUS (we) and VOUS (formal you and all plural you). Keep in mind that French verbs are divided into teams in response to the ending of their infinitive type.

parler (to talk): tu parles, nous parlons, vous parlez

choisir (to decide on): tu choisis, nous choisissons, vous choisissez

lire (to learn): tu lis, nous lisons, vous lisez

We subsequent drop the pronouns. Then, within the case of the -er verbs (like parler), we drop the s from the tu type. So the crucial types of the above verbs could be:

parle, parlons, parlez

choisis, choisissons, choisissez

lis, lisons, lisez

To make a adverse type, put ne in entrance of the verb and pas or rien (nothing) after the verb.

The key complication right here is the excellence between the casual you and the formal you or plural you. Since English doesn’t make this distinction, a quite common mistake of English audio system in French is to make use of the singular casual you on a regular basis. For instance, a orchestra conductor will say Tiens la observe ‘Maintain the observe’ to the complete orchestra when she or he ought to actually say Tenez la observe Listed below are some examples of the crucial type:

Parle plus fort. Communicate louder.

Chante moins fort. Sing much less loud.

Choisis la date. Select the date.

Lis tout le livre. Learn the complete e book.

Partons tout de suite. Let’s go away proper now.

Allons au bureau. Let’s go to the workplace.

Ne disons rien pour l’on the spot. Let’s not say something for now.

Ne parlons pas de faith. Let’s not speak about faith.

Venez maintenant. Come now.

Donnez-moi de l’air. Give me some air.

Ne partez pas avant demain. Do not go away earlier than tomorrow.

As is common in French, there are some irregular verbs with their particular types. The 2 most vital verbs within the French language with their imperatives are:

ETRE (to be): sois, soyons, soyez

AVOIR (to have): aie, ayons, ayez

Right here of some examples of their utilization:

Sois courageux. Be courageous.

Soyez vigilants. Be careful.

Soyons prudents. Let’s watch out.

Ne soyez pas modestes. Do not be modest.

Aie du plaisir. Have enjoyable.

Ayez du coeur. Have coronary heart.

Ayons de la drive. Let’s be robust.

N’ayons pas peur de lui parler. Let’s not be afraid of speaking to him.

Then there are the so-called reflexive verbs the place you must insert a pronoun. Listed below are some examples:

Couche-toi ici. Lie down right here.

Lave-toi les mains. Wash your fingers.

Levons-nous plus tard.Let’s rise up later.

Allongeons-nous ici .Let stretch out right here.

Parlez-vous maintenant.Discuss to one another.

Discover how the adverse is fashioned

Ne te couche pas ici. Do not lie down right here.

Ne te lave pas les mains. Do not wash your fingers.

Ne nous levons pas plus tard. Let’s not rise up later.

Ne vous parlez pas maintenant. Do not discuss to one another now.

Utilizing the crucial in French just isn’t simple. There’s quite a bit to study. When you perceive the way it works, preserve working towards till it turns into second nature.


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