A Place Inside Us That By no means Dies

The Wind in my Coronary heart

Wind, the place is it?

It comes, and it goes.

It makes it is means by means of the leaves of a tree,

but I’m not in a position to see

the place the wind comes from, or the place it’ll go.

I like the best way the wind makes the tree leaves sound.

It’s a peaceable tone very similar to a delicate rain

on a cool summer time evening.

There’s a comparable wind in my coronary heart.

It makes it is means by means of my soul,

and I’m contemporary once more.

It’s the air I breathe,

and the power that offers me life.

Sam Oliver, writer of, “Integrating the Female Spirit: Returning to the Womb of Creation”


Life’s Course of

The leaf falls, the tadpole’s tail shrinks away,

the hibernation begins, and new hyperlinks come our means.

The department blossoms, the eggshell cracks,

and we surprise why we needed to return.

Life is crammed with many transformations.

There are gradual occasions and occasions of acceleration.

A lot of our lives are crammed with disorientation,

then comes a clearing level of reorientation.

To achieve, we should first study to surrender

and understand beginnings start inside us.

We come to new beginnings at their endings.

From the barrenness of fallow time, new life begins.

It’s out of formlessness we turn into a kind

and vacancy befriended brings forth a brand new born.

A brand new theme within the music, a wierd perfume in a breeze,

and a faint intimation that one thing is totally different signifies modifications we want.

Sam Oliver, writer of, “A Life in Evaluation”



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