Heaviness or Over-Energized After Meditation?

Meditation on unhealthy feelings, incidences or ideas can have sudden outcomes. One may not really feel good and refreshed after the meditation and may simply say, ‘Ohh I’m over-energized’

Typically, we’re really over-energized. At instances, there’s a massive downpour of divine power and we really feel heaviness all through the complete physique. That is one type of being over-energized as properly.

What occurs once we are in unhealthy temper and we attempt to meditate?

After we meditate, there’s a downpour of divine power from the crown (prime of the top).

Because the power enters the physique, it tries to clear the blockages. However we’re nonetheless serious about the undesirable issues which have created blockages within the physique and due to this fact, we expertise ache in these areas.

The surplus power should flush down in direction of the tip of meditation. However it doesn’t occur due to blockages.

This once more creates the heaviness feeling. Extra power blocked in varied components of physique may manifest as a illness, ache, emotional, monetary, or any kind of hassle within the bodily aircraft.

keep away from these?

Meditation gurus inform us lot of different issues to do earlier than and after meditation, however we are likely to ignore them as a result of we predict it has no relation with meditation. The record beneath may not embody all, however some issues that we will do to profit from any type of the meditation follow.

Bodily train

Gentle physique actions earlier than the meditation will put together the physique for power consumption and a few actions after will assist eat any extra power.

Strolling is not going to suffice, as a result of it doesn’t make use of all physique components. Keep in mind, the blockages, that block the movement of power, present up in any a part of the physique. Motion of the physique facilitates clearing of blockage and thereby making means for contemporary power within the physique.

Recall a Pleased Occasion

Any methodology to activate the center middle firstly of meditation is essential to keep away from any destructive ideas. One of many easiest methodology is to recall a cheerful occasion. We have to visualize ourselves in that blissful second and re-live the second.


Once more it is a crucial approach to flush down the negativity and make house for divine clear power. Grounding is completed in direction of the tip of the meditation. One can mentally say, “I’m related and rooted to earth” This facilitates coming again to earth or the bodily aircraft.


Bless the earth, household, metropolis, nation and all of the folks round and within the recollections. Launch the surplus power by blessing.

Group Meditations

Every time potential, do group meditations. It will assist join simply, in-case one feels over-energized, one can take assist from folks round. One can even distribute power with the group.



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