Evaluation: Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas

Writer: Hammond World Atlas CompanyISBN: 0843709375

The Hammond World Atlas Company has teamed up with the bestselling World Almanac and E book of Details in placing collectively an excellent and academic publication, Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas.

You possibly can most likely name this Almanac the bible for world class cartography and information with its 200 pages of information and figures about individuals, ethnic teams, languages, religions, space, capital, GDP, head of state, and governments. After which there are the 100 pages of digital TerraScape Maps that characteristic three dimensional aid of land and ocean ground terrain.

After I seemed on the “Contents” part of the Almanac, I used to be delighted to see that there’s a part pertaining to the interpretation of maps. How typically have you ever checked out a map and you have not a clue as to what all of the symbols imply or the map scales and projections?

In clear and exact language the authors of this publication clarify what are map projections and discover a number of the most generally used projections. Additionally they introduce us to a brand new projection, the Hammond Optimum Conformal.

For these of us who’re unfamiliar with the time period map projection, we’re knowledgeable that the problem confronted by mapmakers is to undertaking the earth’s curved floor onto a flat aircraft. Consequently, to perform this feat, cartographers have developed map projections or formulation that govern this conversion of geographic information. It’s doable to establish each level on earth with the assistance of a geographic coordinate grid, and this grid is projected onto a flat floor.

From this start line we’re given explanations of normal rules and phrases, find out how to flatten a sphere, chosen examples of projections, conic projection and the Hammond Optimum Conformal.

This preliminary part is adopted with a complete rationalization as to find out how to use the map part. It’s right here the place we learn how boundaries are decided, sources of names, map symbols, colours, labels and map scales.

Armed with all this introductory information we at the moment are ready to look at the world maps beginning with the Europe and Northern Asia after which Asia, Australia and Pacific, Africa, Antarctica, South America, and North America. On the underside of every map there are shade codes differentiating the inhabitants of the varied cities and cities. There may be additionally a mileage scale denoted in both miles or kilometers. Detailed and comparative thematic maps, tables, graphs pertaining to every continent, topography, inhabitants, land use, mineral assets and consumption are additionally included.

The concluding part or the World Almanac Part presents key information and figures regarding each nation comparable to their rankings by inhabitants and space, main oceans, ocean depths, and islands, rivers, waterfalls, continental altitudes, lakes, reservoirs, dams, highest mountains, temperatures, prime languages, precipitation, inhabitants progress, power and atmosphere.

Inspecting information and figures a few specific nation we discover that what’s included is the next: topography, capital metropolis, independence date, kind of presidency, who’s the top of state and head of presidency, GDP, industries, chief crops, minerals, life expectancy at delivery, literacy fee and a hyperlink to the nation’s website.

This almanac is an impressive achievement to be savored and repeatedly loved. It fills an academic area of interest and is an ideal addition for libraries, school rooms, and private guide collections, the place very important geographical information is at your finger suggestions.

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