The Dream World

What most individuals name normality was the dream world of the Nineteen Thirties and Nineteen Forties via the Nineteen Eighties being “a greater time”. When actuality is considered, what will we consider? Mother, Apple Pie and Candy Sovereign Capitalist America? Effectively, that complete “regular factor” was the real dream world that by no means actually existed.

I, with so most of the remainder of you want at instances that actually existed even for a real second in historical past. In actuality, although, it by no means has. It’s mythology just like the fables of Aesop or the tales of Homeric glory, actually.

The opposite day I used to be watching ninety to one-hundred yr outdated troopers from “The Biggest Era of World Conflict II” on tv hoping they had been actually preventing for these values I’m alluding to in these earlier paragraphs, hoping so arduous that actuality confirmed on their faces of their outdated age, whereas the real “glory mongers” who knew what was actually happening, for essentially the most half went on to the subsequent world proper right down to Richard Nixon and Bob Dole. Certainly, capitalism and apple pie greatness is a dream world invented like “The Matrix” to ‘maintain the suckers pacified and all proper with all of it whereas getting fleeced by the truth that they’re sheep to the slaughter, and never precisely human to the powers that be’. Males like Richard Nixon and Bob Dole, and all of the Masters of Conflict glory mongers had been human beings to the powers that be as a result of they may perform in actuality understanding what it truly is with out going genuinely loopy and horribly flinching or rebelling, however reveling within the evil that’s thought of the warped good of this actuality.

I keep in mind a film with actors Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Telly Savalas and Carroll O’Connor referred to as “Kelly’s Heroes” that really confirmed a parody-like actuality of what would occur if the “little man” actually understood what the “large guys” had been doing and pulling. Perceive the complete message of that film, and also you get the actual message of this text. The historical past books are for the “large guys” and the “little guys” that escape the dream world of these “large guys” historical past books find yourself disgusted exploiters and Actuality Winner (the multi language Center-East translator and code breaker turned nonconformist and “prison leaker” that was on 60 Minutes an evening earlier than this writing) sort traitors out for themselves and out to screw the glory mongering “large guys” each sleeping “little man” reveres and desires to be like till they make it there as a “large man” and realizes: “Rattling, it’s not all it appears, is it?” To be trustworthy, white-hat loser/black-hat winners like me are the place the hoax ends. That may have been true of Malcolm X, JFK, RFK, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., John Thomas Grinder, Jr., Richard Wayne Bandler and each different “little man” together with Jesus and Gandhi who actually desires higher and to alter issues like me and is woke to all of it for actual, in actuality. Woke shouldn’t be a faith, it’s a actuality whose time has come and is coming. So, I finish with a query: All of us like to win, however who actually desires to do it truthfully with out shortcuts, dishonest or “soiled tips” just like the white-hat usually authorized winners/black-hat usually authorized loser information anchors, politicians, speaking heads, sport gamers, glory mongers and technological trick pulling jokers of the “wonderful” institution. Gee, this has been “pathetic and maligned” Model X talking. The previous doesn’t equal the long run, we dwell within the current ceaselessly at all times. That’s all I wished to say on this article with out flinching.

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