Why the 9 Ton Gate Was By no means at Rock Gate Park

One of many biggest myths concerning the Coral Citadel positioned in Homestead Florida simply south of Miami, Florida is the origin of its well-known 9 Ton Gate. This wonderful 18,000 kilos of coral is claimed to be the rationale why the unique Coral Citadel which was in Florida Metropolis, Florida was referred to as by Edward Leedskalnin “Rock Gate Park”. That is really a simple assumption primarily based upon the truth that it is likely one of the extra mysterious and enigmatic options of this contemporary monolithic construction that was made well-known by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame on his collection “In Search Of” within the early Eighties.

The reality of the matter is that the 9 Ton Gate at its current location on the Coral Citadel in Homestead was taken immediately out of the bottom within the quarries there, and never in Florida Metropolis. That is simple to grasp when you’ve got really gone to the Coral Citadel and appeared on the coral that it’s product of.

There are literally two sorts of coral on the Coral Citadel. The coral buildings that had been moved from Florida Metropolis to Homestead in the course of the interval of 1937 to 1941 had been product of a really darkish and layered oolite coral. The opposite form of coral is that which most of us are conversant in if we go snorkeling and see the very porous coral made well-known by scenes of the coral reefs.

The coral that the 9 Ton Gate is product of is the porous coral which is indigenous solely to the Homestead Florida web site, not the Florida Metropolis web site. The extra layered darker coral which “Rock Gate Park” is product of is just not what you see after inspecting this 18,000 pound piece of coral.

I’m not positive why Ed referred to as his preliminary construction “Rock Gate Park”, however primarily based upon the composition of the coral that the 9 Ton Gate is product of, it’s clear that it was created in Homestead and was by no means in Florida Metropolis.

No matter the truth that the 9 Ton Gate is the results of Ed’s work in Homestead, Florida, when you contemplate the magnitude of his achievement in making a gateway that was 18,000 kilos and completely balanced, with a gap cored via this piece of coral on the actual heart of stability, and that he in some way mounted it by himself with no trendy instruments and nobody seeing him work, it defies frequent sense and logic to imagine that he was utilizing typical means to maneuver these megalithic items of coral.

Upon additional consideration you understand that Edward Leedskalnin was not solely able to transferring giant items of coral that solely trendy equipment can transfer at present, however his engineering prowess in having the ability to maneuver these monumental objects in such a means that they’d be completely balanced, one can solely think about he had laser precision instruments or that he was one of many luckiest builders in historical past.

Since it’s illogical to imagine that luck was the premise of his wonderful skills, and as a result of the truth that any trendy gear of that dimension would have been simply noticeable, it’s essential to keep in mind the myths and tales of Ed Leedskalnin concerning how he’s mentioned to have labored at night time and that nobody ever noticed him working and that he sang to the stones which precipitated them to drift in place.

Though the thought of levitation is believable in principle in our trendy world, at present we nonetheless don’t have a way by which we are able to levitate common sized objects weighing even 10 or 20 kilos with out using some form of trendy expertise. But right here was a person that was capable of defy trendy physics, and that claimed to know the secrets and techniques of the traditional pyramid builders, forsaking a construction that nobody could make at present. How will you not consider that he was telling the reality when he has created a construction that has no equal in trendy instances and has not been replicated both bodily or mathematically by these with trendy abilities that ought to have the opportunity to take action if it had been doable.

Going again to the dialogue of the unique location of the 9 Ton Gate, if it was by no means in Florida Metropolis, why did he name his unique web site Rock Gate Park? Of the entire items introduced over from Florida Metropolis, none of them resemble a gate. Maybe we’ll by no means know what impressed Ed to call his rock backyard “Rock Gate Park”. Nonetheless we do know one factor: the 9 Ton Gate is each a scientific and technological impossibility to have been created within the Nineteen Thirties by one man that had no trendy instruments by which to create such a superbly balanced and carved construction of marvel. It’s a thriller that will by no means be solved and a construction that will by no means be re-created ever once more.



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